Increasing turn over and maximising profit whilst maintaining a top quality meat product has always been the aim of every butcher, grocer, caterer or delicatessen. As a means to this end one name now stands out above all completion.  

If you are currently boiling your meat products, for every 3 joints you cook you could be losing the equivalent of 1 joint through shrinkage. Cooking at low temperatures for longer periods of time with the Flavasava ensures a minimum shrinkage and a maximum product that has been cooked evenly throughout. The added benefit using cheap electricity (over night for instance) through a time-clock facility means the Flavasava pays for itself very quickly, putting you, the user, in a position to make the most of your cooked meats as well as increasing your profits.

Using coking bags you can maximise on the use of your Flavasava by cooking a variety of meats at the same time and flash roasting can give you that succulent finish without the weight loss associated with traditional roasting methods.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Accurate variable temp-control (within 1 degree)
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Clarifying sets and cooking pots (for that extra profit)
  • Programmable time clock (for economy and convenience)

Long lasting stainless steel construction and easy to clean and operate the AF25 a very popular model. Bench mounted it has a plug in timer to control cooking times and give you the flexibility to cook overnight.

Dimensions: 440mm x 440 x 320 (tank size)
Capacity: 62ltrs 4 ham
Power: 2KW single phase
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The same high quality construction as the AF75, but with the added advantage of a remote box containing all controls.

Dimension: 440mm x 490mm x 400mm (tank size)
Capacity: 86ltrs 6 Ham
Power: 3KW single phase.

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For the AF75 a remote box is fitted as standard. Manufactured now for over 10 years this has proved a versatile and reliable cooker.

Dimensions: 440mm x 690mm x 400mm (tank size)
Capacity: 121lts 10 ham
Power: 3KW single phase.

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The ultimate cooker of this range and indeed any other. Features include a power assisted lock-down lid, stainless steel stand, larger tap for quicker drainage with a full probe control available as an extra along with the options for the smaller cookers.

Dimensions: 620mm x 920mm x 480mm (tank size)
Capacity: 273ltrs 20 ham
Power: 6KW single phase.

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