This compact mixer grinder is powered by two independent helical gear reduction units. This delivers quiet, continuous and trouble free operation. Designed to mince fresh meat for sausages and burgers, a feature of this machine is the low loading height. The mixing paddle is programmed with an automatic forward and reverse cycle. The feed screw gully empties fully with squashing or pulping the product.


Dimensions: (940mm x 700mm x 950mm 60 Lts)
Dimensions: (Length x depth x height)
Dimensions: (940mm x 700mm x 1050mm 100Lts)
Hopper capacity: 60/100 Lts, 32 worm head, 10-60/10-100Kg batches
Up to 30Kg a minute discharge
Gross weight: 340Kg
Power: 7HP 3 phase
Grinder motor: 4Kw mix motor 1.1Kw

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The 900E is not only user friendly but innovative in design as well. The feed screw operates at right angles to the bowl offering the following unique advantages:

  • Negligible temperature increase guarantees extended shelf life, improved product bloom and enhanced presentation
  • Short minimum feed screw exposer to the product ensuring minimum product working time
    The Thompson 900E reduces the strain and discomfort to the operator from continuous bending that is required on other manufacturers machines

Dimension: 1155mm x 760mm x 1290mm (length x depth x height)
Hopper capacity: 90 Lts
10-80Kg batches
Up to 30Kg a minute discharge
Gross weight: 340Kg
Power: 7HP 3 phase
Grind motor: 4KW mix motor: 1,1Kw

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Thompson`s 3000 and 4000 series of machines have been specifically targeted at the larger retail, wholesale and catering butchers or industrial plants. These are high production machines catering for a variety of applications offering mixing volumes from 90KG 300KG. Depending on the size of the plates used, production rates from 200KG 400KG an hour can be achieved. Due to the strength of construction and with the optional extras available, these machines can easily grow with a business. Ideal for the sausage maker who wants quality in mass production.

  • Very competitively priced for specification of machine.
  • Low loading height, easy to clean.
  • Dome grid lid allows ingredients to be added whilst the machine is operating.
  • Outstanding build quality, extremely robust. Constructed of all stainless steel including head and worm.
  • Safety locked counterbalanced lid.

Dimensions: 1092mm x 804mm x 1126mm (Length x depth x height)
Hopper capacity: 256Lbs 52 Head
Production: Up to 3000KG per hour
Gross weight: 400KG
Power: 12HP 3 Phase
Grind motor: 9.2KW Mix motor 1.1KW

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Dimensions: 900mm x 770mm x 1250mm (length x depth x height)
Hopper capacity: 200Lts 56 Head.
Production: Up to 4000KG an hour.
Gross weight: 550KG
Power: 20HP Twin speed 3 Phase.
Grind motor: 15KW Mix motor 1.5KW.

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Dimensions: 1200mm x 770mm x 1350mm (length x depth x height)
Hopper capacity: 200 Lts 56 Head
Production: Up to 4000KG an hour.
Gross weight: 770KG.
Power: 20HP Twin speed 3 Phase.
Grind motor: 15.0KW Mix motor: 2.2KW

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Although this machine is very similar in appearance to the 4000 model, it has been structurally engineered to withstand the greater forces generated to process frozen product and bone. A special concave flight on the feed screw has been designed to cut the product.

  • With 800 N.M of torque this machine is capable of processing a variety of frozen products : tempered blocks, cubed or flaked.
  • This dynamic machine offers outstanding quality and performance

Dimension: 1070mm x 770mm x 1250mm (length x depth x height)
Hopper capacity: 250 Lts 56 / 66 Head
Production: Up to 2000KG 4000KG an hour.
Gross weight: 930KG.
Power: 2 x 20HP Twin speed 3 Phase
Grind motor: 15.0KW
Mix motor: 4.0KW

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Heavy duty industrial machine. Manufactured to with stand the demands of high volume production. Driven by high performance motors through independence helical reduction gear units. The 6400 series have the capacity to grind through meat as well as frozen (cubed or flaked at 10 degrees C). The combination of an exceptional paddle design, multidirectional bowl transfer screw and separate grinding feed screw delivers tremendous grinding and mixing versatility.

  • Two speed grind feed screw to meet the demands of grinding delicate or hand products.
  • Ribbon paddle blades and mixing system ensures multi-directional movement on every rotation.
  • Two speed transfer screw delivers a constant supply of product but limits the pressurisation or temperature increase.
  • Maximum product displacement throughout the bowl guarantees continual product amalgamation and separation. This gives an expedient and homogeneous finished blend.

Dimensions: 2514mm x 1005mm x 2060mm (length x depth x height)
Hopper capacity: 610 Lts 56 / 66 Head
Mix capacity: 2 x 200 Lts bins.
Gross weight: 1800KG
Power: 30HP Twin speed 3 Phase
Grind motor: 21.0KW Mix motor: 4.0KW
Transfer feed screw: 4.0KW


The perfect machine for flaking frozen blocks. The perfect companion for the Thompson range of frozen mixer-mincers.

  • Processes a frozen block 550 x 350 x 150 in 15 secs.
  • Reduces processing time.
  • Flake sizes of 5mm 10mm can be obtained (depending on temperature).
  • Easy removal & replacement of cutting blades.
  • Body and mainframe constructed from high. quality stainless steel ensuring hygiene and easy cleaning.

Dimension: 2250mm x 900mm x 1300mm (length x depth x height)
Capacity: Process a frozen block in 15 secs (550 x 350 x 150)
Gross weight: 500KG
Power: 10HP 3 Phase
Motor: 7.5KW


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