Strong and robust with a user-friendly interface, the highly economical Marel Compact Grader is a part of a line of low-cost advanced processing equipment that offers essential high-tech characteristics.

Suitable for simple grading and batching of a wide variety of products, the grader is designed to full fill the needs of small and medium sized companies. The grader is also an ideal add-on for larger companies requiring a machine that can handle temporary or seasonal overflow needs that do not justify the expense of a full-size grader.

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Compact Grader CG60

Developed on the cutting edge of food processing technology, the compact grader CG60 grades pieces into a maximum of 6 different grades. As the pieces move along the grader, the system's sturdy arms quickly swivel out and gently pull each individual piece into the correct chute for its grade. With a capacity of up to 120 pieces per minute depending on product type The grader is a robust, user friendly workhorse that significantly improves efficiency and profitability.

The compact grader handles products in a most gentle manner ensuring maximum quality. the grader is a veritable `plug and play` unit: installation is a simple and then it is basically ready to run. It is also available with an optional in feed belt and optional discharge chutes to suit individual needs.



Easy to install the compact grader is shipped in a lightweight crate for you convenience.   



 The compact grader comes ready for use with no loose parts making installation quick and easy.



Assembly is simple and requires minimum work with
only four bolts to fasten. 



After assembly just plug it in and the compact grader is ready to operate.

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